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Huhuja Janukovitsin terveydentilasta ja kaksoisolennosta
« : Maaliskuu 14, 2014, 02:02:37 ip »
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  • En tiedä missä kohtaa mennään disinformaatiosodassa mutta jokin mättää..

    Last week there were rumors circulating in the Russian and Ukrainian media and blogs about the health of Ukrainian president, Victor Yanukovich. According to the news published by some sources he had a heart attack and remained unconscious. Then later, a new press conference was announced and the Ukrainian president appeared alive and looking pretty normal. However the heart attack theory enthusiasts started analyzing his behavior and visual appearance, and said that they found staggering proof that this was not the real Yanukovich but rather his twin.
    According to their opinion there is a whole list of flaws and discrepancies between the two people giving interviews ten days apart.
    They claim that the hair color, manners, eyes and even his voice don’t match. Also, some say that a person from the latter press conference is not as tall as the “real” Yanukovich.
    One news agency has interviewed a representative of the “Regional Party” – the party that supported Yanukovich greatly while he was in power.


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