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  • [Most people cannot see past their dissimulation – their lies, which sets them free to harm all others, with no ideology or discrimination involved. Psychopaths use snakes in the dark to strike at all forms of positive life.

    Axiom: The more ignorant a population becomes, the less clever psychopaths need be in order to remain successful – meaning going undetected as psychopaths. The function of the news and commentary of the Western media is to manufacture consent (and/or confusion) for international crimes against humanity.

    The Western media is careful not to educate the public about how to spot successful psychopaths, but not so with failed psychopaths. We all get more than a daily dose of the profiles of failed psychopaths – like Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer.

    And you can bet that the corporate mainstream media will continue to give us a daily accounting of all the brutal killings committed by failed psychopaths. Why do you think this is so? One main reason is to generate fear. A fearful public is easier to control than a non-fearful one. And such a public will allow a police state to be built up around them until our local police departments become almost indistinguishable from the Army’s heavily armed infantry combat units



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