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  • Zionist Media: Neo-Nazis are bad in America, but Neo-Nazis are good in Ukraine

    [/Those were the people that our own government—and even the New York Times and the Atlantic[11]—were supporting![12] The Jewish Daily Forward said last January that the Ukrainian armed forces were even hiring Neo-Nazis from Brazil.[13]

    Not a single Jewish organization in American protested against this because supporting Neo-Nazis in Ukraine was largely a Neoconservative enterprise. Victoria Nuland spent billions of dollars coaching those Neo-Nazis. Moreover, David Frum of the Atlantic scorned at the claim that there was a small but significant group of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine.[14] Those Neo-Nazis, Frum implied, were seeking “true democracy in Ukraine.”[15]

    Do you now see how the Powers That Be can manipulate things around and move the masses to an essentially wicked ideology? If they condemn Neo-Nazis everywhere, then the Neoconservative movement should be dumped in the trashcan of history once and for all.



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