Kirjoittaja Aihe: BENJAMIN NETANYAHU's NIGHTMARE COMES TRUE AS PUTIN CRUSHES.......  (Luettu 210 kertaa)

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  • [Benjamin Netanyahu’s nightmare comes true as Putin crushes his plans

    [/[Editor’s note: There is no threat to Israel from Iran, Syria or Hezbollah, Bibi is just using the same, tired old spiel he has been spouting for 20 years or more, a constant refrain of woe about the danger posed by Iran and how poor little Israel is threatened by those horrid Muslims.

    Clearly, Putin did not buy it, he knows there is no threat, that Bibi is, as Obama memorably said to President Sarkozy of France a few years ago ‘a liar’.

    Therefore Putin is in a strong position, he knows that Bibi is under pressure, not only from the criminal investigations he is under, but from Israel’s hard liners who want to see Iran destroyed.

    Putin can simply tell Bibi that Russia will guarantee Israel’s safety by refusing to allow Iran, Syria and Hezbollah to attack Israel, a safe position as Putin knows they have no intention of attacking Israel unless Bibi & Israel give them good reason to do so — and they have Russian support and/or acquiescence.

    One can only wonder what concessions Putin will extract from Bibi in return for this guarantee; returning the Golan Heights to Syria, ending the blockade of Gaza, removing the illegal West Bank settlements, possibly even forcing Israel to withdraw from Jerusalem…

    Whatever the case, compared to Bibi and Trump, Putin is in a strong negotiating position and the Russians know this. Furthermore, Putin and Russia will take advantage of this negotiating position — maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sometime soon, just when it suits Russia and Putin. Ian]



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