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  • Pankiirit ja korporaatiot ovat jälleen Kreikan vesivarojen perässä !!!!!!

    Water is a human right - Stop water privatization in Greece

    President of the EU-commission, Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, and Germany's federal minister of finance, Mr. Wolfgang Schäuble

    Why is this important?
    Greece is being forced to privatize its two largest water companies in Thessaloniki and in Athens. This arouses big outrage and resistance is growing. “The access to water is a human right. Water is a public property and not an object of trading.” This appeal signed by almost 2 million people induced the EU to give up the plan of water privatization - except for its southern countries, where the policy of the Troika puts pressure on politics to privatize water supply. So the Greek Parliament had to agree in transfering the large water companies EYDAP and EYATH to the newly founded superfund, controlled by the creditors, for privatization. Otherwise they would not be given the next credits.

    Doing so the EU Commission goes again for privatization of water in Greece.



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