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  • In 2012, GRAIN published “The great food robbery”, a collection of hard hitting articles showing how corporations are taking over the food system. As the December 2015 climate talks in Paris approached, we thought it was time to do a sequel.

    In this new book, “The great climate robbery”, GRAIN has pulled together data to show how the industrial food system is a major driver of climate change and how food sovereignty is critical to any lasting and just solution.

    We expose how corporate investors are pushing small farmers off their fields as they take control of land, water and seeds in many parts of the world to expand the more profitable industrial system. We show how they are pulling political strings through trade negotiations, standard setting and multilateral policy negotiations to secure legal and political security for their own model. Governments, in the meanwhile, are not dealing with the problem of how food and agriculture contribute to climate change and just towing the corporate line.

    The Great Climate Robbery: How the Food System Drives Climate Change


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